Tips for Improving the Health of Your Home

Indoor Air Quality

  Healthy Housing Practical Tips
  Breathe Healthier Air in Your Home
  Carbon Monoxide
  Fighting Asthma in Your House
  How to Get the Ventilation That You Need in Your House
  Should You Get Your Heating Ducts Cleaned?
  Your Furnace Filter
  Solving Odour Transfer Problems in Your Apartment

Moisture & Mold

  Moisture and Air - Householder's Guide — Problems and Remedies
  Should You Test the Air in Your Home for Mold?
  Fighting Mold - The Homeowners' Guide
  The Condominium Owners' Guide to Mold
  Measuring Humidity in Your Home
  Choosing a Dehumidifier
  The Importance of Bathroom and Kitchen Fans
  Water Filters
  Dealing with Pests